The Hiring Challenge

Many of us rely on domestic workers to help care for our loved ones and manage our homes. Most of us use an employment agency to help hire the right person. Yet finding a good employment agency is fraught with problems - unlicensed businesses, illegal fees, hidden costs, and poor service.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has launched a new immersive online gaming experience, aimed at raising awareness amongst employers of migrant domestic workers of the risks of deception and abuse faced by both workers and employers during the hiring process. It provides employers with guidance on how they can contribute towards positive change.

The Hiring Challenge casts the user in the role of a soon-to-be parent trying to hire a migrant domestic worker in Hong Kong (China) using an employment agency. The player’s task is to navigate a series of real-life choices in order to find an agency that provides a professional service, whilst at the same time not exploiting the worker they will eventually hire. The task is harder than it sounds.

The gamified experience has multiple outcomes and provides the user with recommendations on how they can improve their real-world strategy based on their final score.

The experience draws on Behavioural Insights research and is part of an ongoing collaboration with the University of Geneva to identify message frames targeting employers of domestic workers that are most likely to trigger behaviour change. The Hiring Challenge website is produced by the FAIR II project, with the support of the Swiss Development Cooperation, and is part of the wider work done globally to promote fair recruitment through the ILO Fair Recruitment Initiative .


Type of document : Web Page

Country/Region : Asia and the Pacific

Year of publication : 2021