The ILO launches the Fair recruitment Initiative (Phase II, 2021-2025) for Africa Region Completed

Labour migration and mobility are priority issues in the region: most countries are part of migratory movements, either as countries of origin, transit, or destination.

When : 24 March 2022

Time : 9:00 AM CAT - Central Africa Time GMT+2:00

Where : Hybrid meeting

Just Transactions – White Paper on Just Transitions and the Financial Sector Completed

COP26 brings renewed focus on efforts to meet the climate challenge and limit global warming. Alongside climate pledges and action, addressing the social impacts of the transition to net zero is essential to reaching this goal.

When : 09 December 2021

Time : 6:00 PM CET - Central European Time GMT+1:00

Where : Hybrid

People’s Migration Challenge – Asia Regional Consultations Completed

Please find here the concept note for further details and below the full dates of the Asia Regional Consultation with its corresponding key areas:

When : 11 November 2021

Time : 11:15 AM VST - Vietnam Standard Time GMT+7:00

Where : Online

Digital Conference on Fair Recruitment – from ambition to reality Completed

Covid-19 has highlighted the vulnerable position of many migration workers, but also demonstrated the important role they play in healthcare institutions, agriculture and factory work, food processing, logistics and shop staffing, engineering and construction, public transportation and other services.

When : 09 November 2021

Time : 2:00 PM CET - Central European Time GMT+1:00

Where : Online