The ILO launches a new phase of the Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment

Posted at September 13th 2022 12:00 AM | Updated as of September 13th 2022 12:00 AM

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Extracts of the first thematic dialogue of Alliance 8.7 Pathfinder Countries

This video presents extracts of the first thematic dialogue of Alliance 8.7 Pathfinder Countries. The online event brought together members of the Alliance to discuss how to accelerate progress towards target 8.7 of the 2030 sustainable development goals. This target seeks to eradicate forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking, and child labour.

The thematic dialogue, held in May 2022, focused on the topic of recruitment, and what practical measures are taken by governments and social partners to promote fair recruitment in their respective countries.


In these videos we present speakers from Mexico and from Tunisia.


In the first video, we hear from Maestra Ingrid CEBALLOS, the General Director for Institutional Affairs, in the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of the Government of Mexico. Maestra CEBALLOS is also the co-chair ILO Fair Recruitment Initiative’s advisory committee.

We then hear from Mrs Luz Maria CHOMBO, Certification Manager for the employer’s organisation AHIFORES (International Horticultural Alliance for the Promotion of Social Responsibility).


In this video, we hear from Mr. Ahmed MESSAOUDI, Director General at the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment; Mr. MESSAOUDI is a member of the Advisory Committee of the ILO Fair Recruitment Initiative. We then hear from Mr. Abdelkader Mhadhbi from the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT).

The webinar was facilitated by Ms. Laura de Franchis (ILO, Geneva), and organised by Ms. Gaëla Roudy Fraser (ILO, Geneva) as part of the implementation of the Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment (FAIR, phase II) supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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Promising practices for fair recruitment

This promising practice is part of a series, and results from a stocktaking exercise undertaken five years after the launch of the Fair Recruitment Initiative (FRI).

Law amendment concerning management of migrant workers in Thailand 
Revision of the Law on Contract-Based Overseas Workers 
Italian National Action Plan to tackle labour exploitation, unlawful recruitment and forced labour in agriculture 
Nepal – Bilateral labour agreements include provisions related to fair recruitment  
Bangladesh – Government capacity enhanced to promote fair recruitment in bilateral negotiations and arrangements 
Tunisia – Formation of a new body of inspectors for the recruitment industry  
India – Blacklisting employers and recruiters abroad to protect Indian migrant workers  
Piloting fair recruitment from Bangladesh to Qatar in the construction sector  
Fair recruitment pilot between Nepal and Jordan in the garment sector  
Mexico - Fair recruitment practice by recruitment agency adapted to COVID-19  
Code of Conduct on the fair recruitment of Filipino migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong (China)  
Code of Conduct in international supply chains by Responsible Business Alliance 
Commitment to fair recruitment and due diligence in the sugar and palm oil industry of Guatemala   (English) Guatemala – Compromiso con la contratación equitativa y la debida diligencia en el sector guatemalteco del azúcar y el aceite de palma (Español)
Zero recruitment fee policy for (migrant) workers in Jordan 
Guatemala – Outreach through trade unions including attention to COVID-19 (English) Guatemala – Difusión a través de los sindicatos, incluida la atención a la COVID-19 (Español)
Raising Pakistani migrant worker’s awareness of their right to fair recruitment

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