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Achieving fair and ethical recruitment: Improving regulation and enforcement in the ASEAN region

This report focuses on the efforts of ASEAN Member States to foster fair and ethical recruitment. It maps the laws and regulations, and moreover, the enforcement mechanisms States have empl…

Visual tool on the ILO definition of recruitment fees and costs

The definition of recruitment fees and related costs, adopted by a Tripartite Meeting of Experts, held in Geneva in November 2018. The definition recognizes the principle that workers shall not be…

How digital technology can protect migrant workers from forced labour and exploitation

Digital technology can be a game changer in migrant worker protection. But where to start? What digital products are already out there? How to make sure that technology delivers real benefits? A ne…

Guía práctica sobre contratación equitativa para el funcionariado público del sector trabajo en Colombia

Este documento corresponde a una guía práctica dirigida a funcionarios y funcionarias del sector trabajo, el Servicio Público de Empleo (SPE) en Colombia y la Red de Prestadores del SPE. El documen…

Master class on fair recruitment

Within the context of exacerbated challenges created by COVID 19 pandemic, the ILO’s General Principles and…