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Facilitating Journeys: The role of intermediaries in labour migration process from Nepal

What happens after the decision to migrate for work has been made? What steps do prospective migrants take, where do they obtain information and what services do they seek? This infographic is base…

Analysis Report of Recruitment Reviews from Nepali migrant workers

This report explores recruitment practices of recruitment agencies based on the reviews from 1,593 reviewers provided to Recruitment Advisor.

The study found that:

- Sub-agents and…

Contratación equitativa y condiciones de empleo desde la perspectiva del Convenio sobre pueblos indígenas y Tribales, 1989 (núm. 169)

La nota técnica analiza el contexto laboral en Guatemala e indica cómo concretar procesos de contratación justos para los trabajadores migrantes indígenas, de acuerdo con las disposiciones del Conv…

L’Inspection du travail et le suivi du recrutement des travailleurs migrants

Dans le but de contribuer efficacement au recrutement équitable des travailleurs migrants, ce document offre un aperçu des principaux défis afférents au contrôle du recrutement des travailleurs mig…

2019 Recruitment Costs Pilot Survey Report-Ghana, Measuring SDG Indicator (10.7.1)

This report presents the survey results and examines the recruitment costs, monthly earnings, and Recruitment Cost Indicator (RCI) of migrant workers taking into acc…