Q. Puis-je soumettre une ressource au Pôle de connaissances ?


Oui, si vous êtes membre, vous pouvez soumettre une demande d'ajout de contenu dans chaque section.


Yes, if you are a member, you can submit a request to add content in each section.


The Fair Recruitment Knowledge Hub is an interactive online platform that convenes a global network of experts and practitioners to find solutions, through trust and cooperation, to the challenge of implementing fair recruitment.

The Knowledge Hub welcomes membership from governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, recruitment agencies, enterprises, media, and civil society organizations around the world.

The Knowledge Hub:

(1) Hosts a repository of the latest resources, including publications, data sets, articles, training resources and learning materials

(2) Hosts discussion forums and communities of practice on key thematic areas

(4) Allows members to create a professional profile and network and build partnerships with colleagues from around the world

(5) Hosts live-streamed events, such as peer to peer learning sessions and report launches

(6) Allows members to receive updates through a quarterly newsletter

A. 1. Able to take part in active discussion of the forum 2. Able to connect with other members through the member directory. 3. Member can create topics in the forum 4. Member can engage with another member through comment, like and reply features 5. Able to access the events directly 6. Able to contribute the documents.