ILO Webinar: The role of Public Employment Services in fair recruitment promotion

The ILO Fair Recruitment Initiative, ITC-ILO, and the Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment (FAIR, phase III) is hosting an online knowledge exchange, spotlighting the role of Public Employment Services (PES) in promoting and implementing fair recruitment principles.

  • 15th June 2023

  • Time : 3:30pm - 5:00pm CET - Central European Time GMT+1:00

  • Region/Country :


This webinar event brings together representatives and officials from Public Employment Services from varied national policy and labour market contexts to discuss their practices, challenges, and achievements in ensuring quality services in line with international standards and fair recruitment principles, and ultimately access to decent work opportunities for all. The objectives of the exchange are to highlight the role of PES in promoting fair recruitment principles and in relevant labour conventions, and to inspire stakeholders into taking practical action.

The facilitation of access to decent work through fair recruitment notably in the context of safe and regular labour migration entails that employment services effectively engage with employers as well as with jobseekers, and that employment service providers manage information and coordinate effectively across borders. These topics will be examined during the webinar through an exchange of experiences from PES officials from a range of countries and functions.

The knowledge exchange meeting is hosted as a public event, open to all participants invested in promoting fair recruitment, in particular representatives from PES, PREAs and other actors involved in labour market functions, as well as social partners.

Interpretation will be available in French and Spanish.


Discussion topics

- Promoting fair mobility through a network of public and private employment service actors: example from EURES (European Network of Public Employment Services) Sweden. 

- How can public employment services facilitate labour migration through outreach and prospection with employers? Experience from the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation (ATCT, international placement service). 

- What role can public employment services play in integrating migrant labour present in national territories? Experience from Morocco’s Public Employment service.

- Information sharing from the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES) on their mission and services.



Ms Miriam Boudraa (ITC-ILO), Senior Programme Officer, ILO, International Training Centre (ITCILO)



Ms Anna-Karin Palm-Olsson, Technical Specialist, Labour Market Services – EMPLAB ILO


Panel peakers

Ms Naima Barri (Morocco), Agence nationale de promotion de l'emploi et des compétences (ANAPEC)

Mr Jon Stråth (Sweden), European Employment Services Network (EURES)

Ms Khansa Gharbi (Tunisia), Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation (ATCT)

Ms Nicole Clobes (Germany), World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES)


Closing remarks

Ms Gaëla Roudy Fraser, CTA Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment, FUNDAMENTALS ILO Geneva.

Participants will be invited to share their questions and perspectives during the Q&A sessions.


Working languages

Spanish, French, English - Interpretation provided in SP and FR.

Link to register and access the meeting: Register Now


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