Launch of the Responsible Recruitment Gateway

Posted at January 10th 2017 12:00 AM | Updated as of January 10th 2017 12:00 AM


Today, IHRB and the Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment launch the Responsible Recruitment Gateway at

The Responsible Recruitment Gateway is home to the Employer Pays Principle increasingly being adopted by companies across sectors and around the world.

The Gateway hosts a growing resource bank to help companies move towards an ethical recruitment.

It is also a platform for the Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment, convened by IHRB. All members of the Leadership Group are publicly committed to the Employer Pays Principle and its implementation throughout their supply chains. The Leadership Group's aim is bold - the total eradication of fees being charged to migrant workers to secure employment.

The Employer Pays Principle:

No worker should pay for a job – the costs of recruitment should be borne not by the worker but by the employer.

The Leadership Group acts as a vehicle for advocacy and collaboration, and serves as a knowledge hub for sharing good practice, tools, and guidance in relation to responsible recruitment. To achieve its vision of a world where no worker pays fees to secure employment, the Leadership Group seeks to catalyse leadership among an expanding membership base of companies committed to responsible recruitment.

Explore the Responsible Recruitment Gateway now.