Bangladesh: Labour force survey 2022

Labour statistics is the collection, analysis, and reporting of data related to labour and employment. These statistics express the performance, trends, and characteristics of the labour market. It is also beneficial to governments, policymakers, entrepreneurs, researchers and the public which helps understand and help to informed decisions about employment and workforce-related issues. It ensures the fair treatment and protection of workers' rights. Thus labour statistics play a crucial role in comprehending the challenges and opportunities within the labour market, guiding policy decisions to enhance labour conditions, create employment opportunities, and promote economic growth. The Labour Force Survey has been conducted with 4 to 5 years intervals in Bangladesh since 1980.


This survey has been conducted under the project of Improving Labour Market Information system (ILMIS) project aims to meet the data demand achieving the 8th five-year plan, SD's indicators, other data relating to employment, unemployment and overall key issues addressed to labour market in Bangladesh.

Labour Force Survey is a household-based sample survey which provides statistics on the characteristics of labour force at the national and divisional levels. The survey findings will allow to provide input for labour market analysis to monitor the progress of programs taken by the government in particular creation of employment in the country. This survey will truly work as the mirror of development by reflecting the picture of labour market development of the country.

The chapter 15 of this publication is dedicated to the measure the recruitment cost and income of migrant workers. One of the findings of the study indicates that recruitment costs are significantly higher for male labour migrants compared to female. The proportion of recruitment cost in a monthly earnings varies broadly between male and female. To recover recruitment cost, female needs 7.8 months whereas male needs long 15.1 months.

Type of document : Report

Country/Region : Bangladesh

Year of publication : 2023