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Fair recruitment helps to create decent work, provides new job opportunities, and improves labour market functioning. It also helps to prevent labour and human rights violations, including discrimination, which occur during the recruitment process that can lead to situations of forced labour such as...



The knowledge hub will showcase tools and resources for enterprises, particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises with easy-to-follow procedures and guidance to help them to mitigate potential risks and track the effectiveness of their recruitment procedures, including supporting them to address challenges related to the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will include providing opportunities for peer-to-peer exchanges and learning; fostering innovative approaches; and promoting use of digital solutions. The knowledge hub will also provide an opportunity to discuss emerging challenges such as repayment of worker-paid recruitment fees and related costs.


The knowledge hub will produce knowledge and tools to support businesses in their commitment to promote fair business practices at all levels and will encourage and strengthen employers’ action to promote fair recruitment, including for small and medium enterprises, which are often without human resource departments or additional resources to dedicate to recruitment procedures.

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January 2021 Completed

GFMD Side Event: Advancing fair and ethical recruitment for all in a COVID-19 context

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