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The recruitment of migrant workers should take place in a way that respects, protects and fulfils internationally recognised human rights. When these rights are violated, workers irrespective of their legal status, gender, religion ethnicity, caste or any other social or economic considerations shou...



Under this thematic area of focus, members will have the opportunity to learn and exchange on remedies for migrant workers who have been subject to recruitment-related abuses. Although that covers a variety of issues, it primarily tries to explore the following specific issues in relation to access to justice for migrant workers: the legal framework for access to justice for migrant workers; the barriers for migrant workers to access justice, and the various avenues and existing practices for migrant workers to access justice at each stage of the recruitment process with a view to overcome identified challenges and barriers. Barriers can include lack of information about legal rights and language barriers; fear of retaliation and discrimination; absence of, or inadequate regulations to report abuse; slow and expensive remedy process; lack of documentation and evidence; inefficient complaint mechanisms and lack of government support; cross-border jurisdiction issues; and lack of, or loss of documented status in the country.


The objective of this thematic focus is to raise awareness among members on current challenge son access to justice for recruitment related abuses and to disseminate, promote and expand knowledge on existing legislative approaches, emerging practices, institutional mechanism and initiatives to ensure effective access to justice for recruitment related abuses.

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The ILO has hosted a virtual Roundtable Discussion on access to justice for recruitment-related abus…

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